iBiz Uses My Accounting Cloud to Resolve QuickBooks Issues with Third Party Software

Benefits Summary:

  • Restored/Rebuilt company QuickBooks financial data
  • Identified potential weaknesses and recommended changes to internal accounting process
  • Minimized client cost and downtime during rebuild using Trapp Online remote hosting service

The Challenge:

When QuickBooks coordinates data with a separate third party software application, an additional layer of research is required to determine the actual source of data errors. Beyond the standard analysis of internal accounting processes used to input data, there must be an understanding of how data flows between two or more applications.

In this case, the client was sharing company records between QuickBooks Enterprise (QBES) financial software and a third party Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application.  Both applications were hosted by Trapp Online’s My Accounting Cloud.

The client reported that the volume of their QuickBooks company file was growing exponentially and processing more slowly, while generating duplicate Customer invoices and Vendor purchase orders. When the client discovered an empty Customer list in QBES, iBiz was brought in to address the data damage issue.

The Solution:

In discussions with the client and Trapp Online, iBiz was able to isolate the source of the problem: The third party application was designed in such a way that the first the point of data input should have been the CRM. However, the client’s eleven administrative staff were using QBES as their first point of entry. This used up band-width required by the 3rd party application to flow data between QBES and the CRM.

The net result of this process was a multi-level systems failure. Not only did it defeat the intended functions of the third party CRM software, it also corrupted the company’s data, and more than doubled the workload of its administrative personnel. After determining the cause and extent of data damage, it was agreed that the most expedient corrective action was to start a new company based on the most recent clean data backup.

Approximately three days of data had to be re-entered. iBiz recommended a new data entry protocol, employing the CRM application as the primary point of entry. The size of the company’s data file was effectively cut in half, computer processing time significantly shortened and, with implementation of recommended procedures, data entry labor could be reduced. (more)