iBiz partners with My Accounting Cloud to bring you remote QuickBooks hosting and cloud computing services.
My Accounting Cloud

With QuickBooks cloud access, iBiz gives you the ultimate in RemoteController® flexibility: 24/7 secure, dependable access to your own QuickBooks software and data—from any computer with an Internet connection—anywhere. As your QuickBooks ProAdvisor, iBiz is immediately connected to your cloud account.

Click here for a case study demonstrating the benefits of remote hosting: Case Study

Advantages of cloud accounting

Training - QuickBooks support when you need it. iBiz can login to your company, answer your questions and even enter a transaction for you in real time.

Disaster Recovery - All of your data is backed up nightly at no extra cost.

Time = Money - Save time and accounting charges by reducing onsite visits and file transfers.

No Waiting/Delays - Deal with QuickBooks or accounting issues/questions as they arise.

Problem-Free Data Transfer - No need to relay company backups or risk overwriting data.

Manage from Anywhere - Have multiple locations? Out of the office? If you have an Internet connection, you are connected to your company.

No Server Costs - No need to purchase another server to install your own version of QuickBooks.