iBizConsult is our name for specialized, targeted services to help you handle routine operational challenges as well as overall business strategy. With 30 years immersed in small business, we have met and dealt with many situations that, at first, seemed hopelessly complicated or just one of the many difficult demands of doing business. We strongly believe that creative solutions, based on accurate data, appropriate tools and consistent follow-through, can overcome any operational hurdle.

iBizConsult is where our creativity—and yours—can really shine. It's where "custom solutions" have serious meaning and impact. Working closely with you and your staff, we investigate all the nooks and crannies of your situation: pros and cons, causes and effects, actual and potential profit or loss. We listen to you. We create an ongoing dialogue that helps us all understand exactly where your business is and where you want to take it.

After thorough assessment, we identify and close any existing gaps in workflow and we eliminate areas of duplication. We work with you to develop a plan of action—systems and procedures, staffing and training needs, capital requirements, technologies, resource management—the most effective strategies to accomplish your defined objective. And, then, we help you implement the plan.

Solutions tailored to your specific business needs

Highly detailed discovery process and needs assessment

Integration of business operations, departments and systems

Project facilitation and implementation

Support services for forensic accounting