Cloud Access

We partner with Trapp Technology
to bring remote hosting and cloud-computing services to your QuickBooks™ Desktop (QBD) version.

QBD works better for product-based businesses with inventory needs and gives you the option to create QBX files to share with your accountant. Now you can have secure, dependable, access to your own accounting software and data—from any computer with an Internet connection—anywhere, anytime.

Real-time, multiple-user access lets your QuickBooks™ ProAdvisor instantaneously review and update your books. There’s no need for time-consuming and risky file exchange. Data backups insure data integrity and minimize downtime.​

Advantages of Cloud Accounting

  • Training
    As needed, we remote in, answer questions and enter transactions in real time
  • Disaster Recovery
    All of your data is backed up nightly at no extra cost
  • Time = Money
    Save time and accounting charges by reducing onsite visits and file transfers
  • No Waiting/Delays
    Deal with QuickBooks or accounting issues/questions as they arise
  • Problem-Free Data Transfer
    No need to relay company backups or risk overwriting data
  • No Server Costs
    No need to purchase another server to install your own version of QuickBooks™
  • Manage from Anywhere
    If you have an Internet connection, you are connected to your company.