Mitchell Adler, CPA/PFS | Karpinski, Berry, Adler & Co., PLC

Andrea is very professional and caring with my clients. Her knowledge of QuickBooks goes very wide and deep. I have complete confidence in her. My clients compliment her to me all the time.

Chris Ashby, product management director | SAGE

I have worked with many consultants during my career. Andrea falls into the rare and elite “exceptional” group. Her ability to look at a challenge from all angles and formulate an optimal solution and execute flawlessly is a very rare and valuable characteristic. I admire and respect Andrea’s business acumen and expertise. If you have the opportunity to work with Andrea…do so. It will be an outstanding experience!

Joel Strom, managing partner | CKS Advisors

I worked closely with Andrea. She showed good leadership…instituted many process improvements…led the movement toward formalization and procedural documentation in this growing business. 

Jordan Taylor, CPA | Vestboard

I have had the pleasure of seeing Andrea’s work first-hand as she has serviced my clients and our firm’s clients…I can confidently refer business to Andrea and know that she will treat my referrals with the utmost respect. Her attention to detail and proactive approach makes her better than her competition…she is not simply a bookkeeper, she truly acts as a controller for many companies and does it very well.

Paul Wright, Ed.D.,  principal | Milestone Consulting

Andrea’s critical-thinking skills add huge value to discussion topics. Additionally, she was an early adopter of a particular skill- set I introduced to the group. Andrea is a master at practicing the “pull.” When you engage her services, you will experience her using the tool to advance your business.